Friday, December 25, 2009

Life Goes On...!!!!

Life consists of what man is thinking of all day since action flows from thoughts.Life of its own choice and itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.Sometimes we becomes like that on which our hearts are fixed.

My life till now is the celestial pleasure for me.I thank God for my existence here on earth as a human being.And the only thing which I want desperately by now is the only girl who could understand me from here onwards till eternity.

My life had two phases till yet.One is my early childhood and adolescence.Another is the age which all of us come through.The age of freed0m,the age where we try to find ourselves.Perhaps I found myself quite early..

I am brought up in a very loving and simple,typical middleclass family.From childhood itself I started to make out things as they are.No doubt There was a exuberent circumference of friends everywhere on every path of life.But the most special of them still are those who still remembers me as their own-My childhood friends ;and none I had forgot.

When I think the most special thing in my life ,undoubtly it is the heavenly days I had spent in khamgaon.And I always thanks God for being so kind to me so as to help me out with such beautiful days.

My school SWS Dnyanpeeth is the eliquette part of my heart.It resembles my growth as a man of character.Although there is not much I could remember but Makharia maidan which used to be the location of our early school building.We used to play much.Amit Agrawal,one of my friend used to brought Chiwda(not finding other word) in his tiffin and it over to me as it had some chillies which I loved to eat.Those were the golden days .I still remember two of my friends living nearby.One was Govind with such a huge bunglow where I use to dance on his Birthday n other was Nitesh Paighan...Dont know where is he now.Also nearby used to live Ganesh Marke n his sister Neelima.Ganesh had a garage out at his home n Neelima used to tag me rakhi along with Ganesh on Rakshabandhan.We people used to follow the same route to school on foot right from my home in Bobadey Colony.And the one whom I must mention for being such a special part of my life from then and further till now n onwards is PD.Other of my friends which I would like to mention were Abhishek Sarbere and Gagandeep Gujral.Abhishek was always the first rank holder and his cursew handwriting was also good.Gagandeep used to come along with Abhishek in a Metador from Hanuman Vitamins.In fact Gagandeep's mother used used to choreograph my whole n sole dance event in our Annual Gathering program in Kolhatkar Smarak.I still remembers of wearing a Dhoti Kurta ,rehersing and dancing along with my friend Atul Rajput on the song 'Tan dole maajhe man dole."How can I forget that PD came there in Kolhatkar Smarak and helped to figure out the dance steps.I dont remember his name..but there was one of our teacher in Dhoti Kurta who taught us PT n give us a Batti(Slap) for our wrong moves.Sometimes after that our school got shifted to my Papa's Office.

Life was going smooth.Here there was a new gangue when we used to play Kho-Kho.Me,Nitin Hiwale and Vaibhav Gajbhiye chasing n tryiong our heart out to chase out PD.Ganesh Marke was our Kho-Kho team captain.We went once to play at Taluka level in Malkapur.I still remembers the Kachoris we had although we lost the match.Life was going smooth untill I find that PD left the school.she joined New Era Highschool in 6th standard.Untill then I realised that Imiss her and share some heartly bond with her.Now I used to see her only twice a year-On 15th august and 26th January.I used to wait for these two days so eagerly to see her.I used to wake up early on these two days and wait for our school ceremony and thereafter our foot march to Congress Bhavan.And there amist so much of crowd I pray to God for a Glare of her at once.And when I see her I used to feel like heaven n I meeting my Celestial God(although I did not dare to speak out with her).I ruin my bad things n start with a new pursuit for something really good.She shuns the very bad of my life and culminate towads good things.In fact it was then I realised that shes my first and last love(not an infatuation at all).

I got some very good friends of mine n would like to mention them..Shivaji(Sachin Joshi),Sarin Shelarka,Atul Rajput,Govind Rathi,Nitin Hiwale,Amit Agrawal,Amit Chandge,Lokesh Kamani,Akshay Vikamshi, Gaurav Khanna,Ravindra Pratap Maurya.N from the girls side Deepa Kedia,Sapana Kedia,Mridul Kejadiwal,Amruta Vanarase,Rituja Dharashivkar,Neha Pathak,Meetu Vig..

There's lot more but find it in my next blog.....